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 Sea House Collection


 arctic tern - linocut print seahouse edition




Footsteps echo on cold terrain.

Robert J Coleman

©robert j & christine maria coleman 2013


 skimming ocean waves - linocut print seahouse edition


Sea House Collection - Cover Design

Sea House Collection

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Sea House Collection - linocut shell motif - poem - sound of the sea 

Sound of the Sea 


Stone pebbles on the beach

turn slowly to sand

and the sand turns to stone.




©rjc 2011



聲音 的海

Sea House Collection - linocut motif - poem - Following Behind - vent 


Following Behind



But for spite redeemed

concussed on the Rue Racine

joyfully stretching snaking preening

deliberately paced a chaotic interior

slithered to meet a divide


Stepping stones sleeping forms









Sea House Collection - Poetry Edition - Linocut Motif - Rattle - Poem - Skirmishes 


Skirmishes  ~

Innate Capabilities



©rjc 2012

Sea House Collection - linocut motif - tree house - poem - Fog Bank Clearing 


 Fog Bank Clearing

 Sequoia Bee Hive Tree Top Lair

City of Angels Visionary

Team Player, Rolly from Loyola,

surveys the sprawling seascape vista.


"Electrons are the ultimate game changer",

he conjures a scenario,

"Grid pattern pathway dynamic potential."


We move on to ball park figures. 

Below, the mighty Sempervirens

sways in the breeze

and grows.                                                 ©rjc 2012

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Handmade Artbooks


Sea House Collection - rjc poetry edition - handmade book sample 

Sea House Collection Edition - button.jpg 

Poetry Edition



© rjc/cmc 2013


seahouse collection linocut illustrated edition