what was expected - poem Descending 




 Follows instructions

(pause, eat an apple, straight from the bough.)


 boats against the current, beaten back.

(soft voice whisper, cherry blossoms' out)

Grease-proof paper, patched latch lunch.

(cows in the meadow)


Charlot and Louis Armstrong said?

 indistinguishable melody background.

(urban streets, lone nights' out)



smooth sand dunes, waves.


 slept, through the night

 woke at dawn's first light.

 gold on red, red on white,


 braced for the impact, the hull came down

 Coleridge's Rime

reading list.

space that surrounds

loneliness shadows repair



beer, beans and soup cans Andy saves.

 play along,  sing along,


 autumn or fall

Art is dead,

 if theory gains respect, conjecture dies.



Iconic, ironic,

resources committed

(candle to guide)


one thousand rounds, pump action describes,

(cool pool, a child's glazed eyes, deep, staring, wind sighs,

 named person, closed eyes,  sorrow's reply)



cell division,



Follow your wishes,

Moon phases

two thousand oak trees felled, battle cry.


Tears, fair dreams, folded in grace,

 weeping at dawn.

(scenarios here)


Boots' descend,

catch the radio tune,

 incoming flight.


(salmon leap)

 krill pills



storybook, ventilator shaft

(flowers in the meadows, move with the breeze)




 core sample gradation.



back to the swim.

(Anthropocene strata will tell).




 The text and illustrations here in some part allude

to the individual testimonies of

Joseph Maiolo (1938 - 2014) and Stanislav Petrov.


Joseph speaking to Mark Hughes of Forbes Magazine in May 2012, reviewing  'My Turkish Missile Crisis'

If you went back to that time again, but with the mind and opinions and wisdom you have today, do you think you’d react any differently or feel any differently about what was happening? What might you say, hypothetically, to the younger you and those around you in those moments, or perhaps to the leaders of both nations so close to the brink of annihilation?


I believe I would feel different, simply because I know so much more now. I would not have  gone to an engineering college (even if I were still “good in math’). I would begin in the humanities, and remain within them (as I have ended up within them). I would tell my children (as I have) and anyone I teach (as I do) that wisdom and, yes, strength–true strength–come from art, music, and literature. I would tell them the true story of the judge presiding over horrendous war crimes who, after each day’s session, went to the nearby museum where the delicate paintings of Dutch master Johannes Vermeer gave him a sense of renewal and restored that which throughout each day had been eroded.

Eddie Mair radio interview   testament

Japan, the United States, & the Road to World War II in the Pacific 


Gulf & Stream. Army Archive. Salvation Islands. Residual.

'I'm gonna to wash Japan right out of my head, gonna wash Japan right out of my head. Forget Enola Gay.'

'If you don't have a dream, if you don't have a scheme, how you gonna make that scream come true?

How you gonna make that dream come true?'

 Tear Tracks Traced.

Songs of Freedom.

Redemption Songs.


 Dominion  Eluded  


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