There be monsters here, there be monsters larger than life, battling, eating, destroying.

 Some incisive, others lumbering, indiscriminate, destroying because they can, because they have to; part of their DNA, acid from which they are made.

All this bequeathed, inherited, evolved from a few cells given life by chemistry and chaos.

Structure, order shines through, from simpler to more complex and you want form, a setting, a story to relate to and relate myths of long ago.

Out of chaos life formed from conditions that existed at that time.

And here it is, here we are, for a while and then departed.

A journey that has no particular destination.

Maybe school fields, or rainy afternoons; a train station, whistles, grasses, heather pouring down.

Could read this or listen, or feel the echoes within a well trod path. Sunlight glints.

There is darkness beyond.

There are legends to respond to.

If we know where to look.

And if time becomes an endless repetition of tasks too small to comprehend, or limited to a partial glimpse, then no matter.

That task has a meaning, an appreciation of a larger beast; the beast of incomprehension, that pretends to know unlimited possibilities.

They fight and retire from the fray.

The monster lives on and then is gone.

Along with the fame.



©Robert J Coleman September 2014