Notions of existence.

What do you hear on the Vine?

Resources depleted, pursuing the elusive.

fee simple - absolute in possession - neutrino free zone - 74 x 60 cm

hard edges - soft spaces on the urban shore unnatural habitat - artwork echoes and shadows passing by lineage - street scene - simple actions - consequences - glacier melting
Here and There - oil painting on board - 58 x 48cm shadow, three patches and rain cloud navigation by bars Unknowns play the greater part of history gravity - mother carrying child - allegory - 62 x 49 cm
coming up for air dilated-reflex - capital lied mind,body,soil eastwards moving, turning round lost time - desertification - allegory - 63 x 49 cm
skin thin atmosphere The Chase wildfowl calling energy released - a moment ago conversation - opposing views - 75 x 65 cm - based on many location sketches of the wends or weinds in this part of lancashire
links - the past - they did things similarly there -Albert Dock in Liverpool - courses -  security prosperity values market figures - artwork figures - stumbling and falling - artwork
family cell - original painting - oil on canvas - 29 x 24
Unfollowed apples ripening - evening light - oil painting 37 x 28cm - rjc 2014 dreams in streams drawn breathe in time - artwork street corner conversation
Blue Geranium - Bees - Pesticide        
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