Andy Weissman said, Silicon Valley V.C.s are all techno-optimists. They have the arrogant belief that you can take a geography and remove all obstructions and have nothing but a free flow of capital and ideas, and that it's good, very good, to creatively destroy everything that has gone before.

Tomorrow's Advance Man

New Yorker 18th May 2015

.. its vanished trees, the trees that made way for Gatsby's house .. FSF-G

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Penises (symbols).

Room for views and myths...

a story from David Peat (Pathways Chance).

Peat tells of how the physicist David Bohm was talking with some Blackfoot Indians. Bohm was describing how Western scientists have built a superconductor, which is a state of extreme order. After thinking quietly an unidentified elder speaks “everything in nature is in balance, so if there is order in one place there is disorder in another”. Bohm agrees: “Yes, that is correct. This disorder is called entropy”. The Elder asks him: “Then are you morally responsible for the disorder you create through your order?

Ordering may never have quite the consequences we anticipate.

Archetypes of Chaos
by Jonathan Paul Marshall.