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Dominion eluded.


CMC - Born São Paulo State Brazil. Clitheroe Girls Grammar School. Preston Polytechnic. Manchester School of Art, Manchester Polytechnic. Honours Degree. Member MMU Alumni.
Pursued  career in Illustration (original artwork by Christine Thwaites): Puffin Books, (Printed Bungay, Suffolk), Hodder & Stoughton, (Printed Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk), Royal Doulton, (Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire) Hallmark Cards, American Greetings (Cleveland, Ohio) Waddington Games (Leeds). Tesco. Platform Gallery. Private Clients. UKAMB current corporate identity logo & motto, similar info design for Lancaster Royal Infirmary and Blackburn PCT.

RJC - Richard Taunton Grammar School. Southampton Institute. Followed a career in local authority & private real estate, (Southern Hampshire). Returned to art at  Exeter College of Art & Design. Manchester School of Art, Manchester Polytechnic. Honours Degree.
Member MMU Alumni.
Polished toilets and floors, waited and served. Driven. Prevented a knife fight. Been made homeless.  
Walked for charities. Administered. Planted saplings. Raised a family.

Pip Seymour Painting Prize Winner - 2014.

robert j coleman - portrat  profile

Lengthening shadows.
Breeze rustling leaves.

comma butterfly - fly past


   Art places - turning leaves and pages. 

 Ebb and flow, diverse; emerging; forming.

Art developed over thirty years through traditional and new art media to recall  events, explore structure and concept.    Relationships revealed. References to the built environment and ecological concerns remain. The flow continues.

Interactions - collaborations. Statistics, everyday patterns emerging.  

A place in the natural world reflected.   Realise our ecological impact, questioning process, psychology, motives. 

Dreams remembered, expressed. 
Observation, expression, playing the partIllustrated Sequence
Hopes & expectations; drawing a line. Minute to minute, pausing.  Drawing breath, hemispheres connected. Haul sails, anchors away. Salt spray flying, steel capstan binds, out of the haLight into dark in the warmth of the dayrbour, tide line falls. Sword and belt buckle tightened, glowing night sky.  Beyond image and hunter, the hinterland calls.     

 summer moonrise song    

Night Ride Sun Rise - Book Cover Design

Night Ride Sun Rise Handmade Illustrated Children's Book - ecologies of scale.

Drawing is a constant correcting of errors. If you refresh your view in painting & drawings, make the best mistakes the best you can. Enjoy the process. Feel to see.

 the many & the few - everything is going to be fine

Abstracts, distillations of the wider context. Sky, air, land sea. Nature's essential infrastructure. Conserving.  Scene by scene.

From the Past scene, students, autoroute Belgium to Paris, France. Not, in this scenario, Wim Wender's visionary outback. Late at night, urbanBoulevard Saint Michel - Ancient Boulangerie - RJC 1982 streets, sodium lights blazing. Seasoned truck driver, kindly offered a lift, relief. Spring City, Boulevards, warm Left Bank attics and Coffee Houses. Rue National blue guide signs carry a warning. Confirmed route reassurance absent. Dreams, reality. Mood changes. One sided, deeply personal, anecdotes abound. Confinement.The cab is no longer a means of transport, it is transformed. Freedom's choice locked, no key. Situation, circumstances, conditional. The truck driver's pretty, young, hopeful wife. A newly formed side of character, at first hidden, reappears. The mean, bad lowlands materialise. Charged atmosphere. Present in the cab's solitary confinement. We hold on tight. Truck brakes grind. Dark hinterland scene, trees and bushes nearby.
Caged world, escape. His icy grip gone by. Abandoned. Four in the morning. Rain pouring. Industrial refinery, blazing skyline. Heavy oil dark deluge pools of light reflected. Banlieue. Contrast field, livestock and grain. Action. Future. Many other times and urban landscapes come to mind.

third person plural -  nurture - allegory - 71 x 56 cm - painting - acrylic on board - detail


  A measure for all.

Away from conditioning,

other forms of life views,

breathe, aspire,

and fall.


For showing us more than we could possibly have ever known.


Feeding the hen, a young rabbit around my feet, hopped into the nettle bed.

Tawny owl, alighted on the post, looked at you.

Last night left the roost. Gliding around the field's edge, bat like.

Looked at us, in passing, flew into the wood, away.



© 2018 Robert J Coleman & Christine Maria Coleman. Rights Reserved.

Creative Commons Licence
colemanco2 by robert j coleman & christine maria coleman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at www.colemanco2.co.uk
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at sales.html


  Alma Mater - return for the viewing

Energy, family. Inclusive, extended. Making, mending. actions. Supporting steps, to the future, little by little.

Christine Central Paris - 1982     sea house collection motifs - linen prints

Individual commission enquiries welcome.

Pierrot's Lament - chords & musings - illustration watercolour on paper - 69 x 48 cm


mixed fruit summer jam - no respite 

Jellies, jams, fruit, preserves & baskets



 cultivars - summer grass selection 


micron thin cross section - '98






* Kenzaburo Oe / NYT  Hiroshima & the Art of Outrage


who watches the guardians?

art questions and knows there's no right answer. Science answers and isn't always right.