Robert J Coleman - Poems - Sea House Collection Edition

Sea House Collection Edition - Sea House linocut 

skimming ocean waves - linocut print seahouse edition 



Piped aboard.


You may cut an onion from pole to pole or across the equator. Then find a bandage later.

Taking Stock

Resource depletion.
Blood, sweat and tears.
after the event.

Character Declaration.

Murder. Statues and Statutes, limitations.
Cold, calculating curfew.
Law's mocked asses, wiping sweating brows.
Cloaked, wrapped, sealed and soaked.
Lady Scarlett.
Lofty Court rooms, in far flung places.
Dispensing Summary Justice.
Handed down.
Cock crows.
Nature mourns her Sovereignty.
Hedgerows, lawns, jeweled cobwebs dripping.
Matins, dawn singing.
Wildlife's diminished choir.

  Descending- Illustration Sequence

Lake     Illustration slides
what was expected - poem Descending  undertow


Lizard on a hot rock bathes.

Scorching sand dune prey.

Predator strikes.

Flight paths traced.


Two young people travelling across the Bay of Biscay upon a Liverpool Mersey Ferry to the Mediterranean Sea. Exploring dark inundated Venetian scenes. Their return journey aboard an express locomotive, frequent sojourns and the eventual slow dissembling of the train. Step to the ground and adjust to the pace of walking. Evening's Empire.  Footsteps echo on cold terrain. All that remains. Steps retraced. Found out.

Sea House Collection - Linocut Land Motif Montage on Sea Island Cotton
Captain, crew, psychologist, philosopher.
Chemist, diplomat, dealer collector.
Watch minder, explorer, voyager.

Up one side, down the other.
Pass the port, if we capsize.

Ghosts larger in life.
Captains play the
minor role to the crew.
Film Score



 Thor's Hammer

 Pristine Ocean No More

The Dodo Looked Back

Muck About

 Forests Go

 To Those in Dark Places


 Minority View


Small things

Reedbeds, gravel.
Fish and flies.
Green shade, light.
Glistening stream.
Passing by.
lone figure lancaster '94
 Sea House Collection - Linocut  Motifs on Sea Island Cotton


staple, post, barbed wire & lichen   

Flashing dark clouds,

quietly massing.

Each silent rain drop glistens.

Falls to the roaring waters below.

Hawks and Doves seek shelter.

Blue sky thinking.

Covenant lapsed.



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