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Pristine Ocean No More



A pristine ocean

fresh mountain streams clear blue sky

aquamarine lakes and jade forests,

alive with the chatter and call of potential

waves lap, an island shore,

a marine world pounding

the smell of freshly crushed grass in the morning


wind rustling leaves, deciduous trees 

concise statistical analysis & data 

raising awareness among indigenous peoples


broadcast facilities convey messages of hope

amidst the babble

strike out for fresh deposits in suitable strata

compete for resources

here and now, the future's somebody else's

only governments, commerce & institutions

can do something about it

have you got the right qualifications 

the poor among us


Insulate your roof space

if you have accommodation

line pockets with abundance

sell a promise, listen to the whisper


grab attention by all means available

the birds are singing, the animal within us

the storyline maintains concentration

science will provide all solutions

1 + 1 equates certainty


who wants to be a martyr

the planet turns towards tomorrow

the engines are humming;

there's more need for power

rest easy science & technology

will provide all solutions;

they provide the means for further renewal,

they will answer the cause

no need to sweat or search for extinction

The direct & the raw, who's judging the 


fresh content & innovation are, it seems a 



I want it now at the touch of a button


who's listening to the still voice of 


the rise of the mountains another day 





©Robert J Coleman