Film Score


Out on the Wide Ocean, searching,

brine label samples indicate change.

Screw twist sound waves carrying,

salinity gain.

Single cell zooplankton divide.

Freeze frame.


Beacon buoyancy chambers,

balanced to measure,

bubble plumes consumed in spray,

hand signal manoeuvres confirm,

air bubbles rise.


Colour coded charts comply,

Blue Green data based targets restrain.

Abyssal depths engaged.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma,

ridges and hollows,

living fossils disturbed.


Currents drifting,

benthic sediment dust clouds blown,

raising a sandstorm.

Cascade, roll, rotate, record.


Carbon 60 is a beautiful molecule.

Back on the surface,

in stages,

sunlight dances,

Archimedes revival.


Attests rebirth,

reading glasses,

moon shaped lenses,

spectacle focused.

White and Album are the same name.

Freda People,



Film score ends.

The Road.

Children of War and Men.

Conveyor displaced, diminished.

Security checked.


Bets on the table.

Einstein on the beach,

playing, odds reversed.

Just heard a Robin Sing.

In a tree nearby.




©RJC 2013