Part III

East to West, storms brewing,
leaves, shimmering, absorbing.

Incendiary device, brochures entice.
Forty-eight hour delivery.

Rip-tides, gyre shoreline scramble.
Force ten.

Paraphernalia defend.
Shadows acting,
living and dead.

Sun bleached, brittle,
shark egg collagen,
mermaids purse,

 Ghost net fragments,
high water foam line breaks.

Weather-lined faces,
gathered together,
lean into the wind,
Coastal erosion, port trade.

Rain clouds passing,
street theatre plays,
dance formations,
rehearsals, delays.

Wheels roll by,
out on the highway ,
commodities trade,
perish, revive.

Keen cutting edge,
endocrine variations,
decrees, schedules maintain,
degrees of latitude apply.

Paper cups dispensed,
shadows chased.
Show of hands,
habeas corpus.

Arms twisted,
alternatives foregone,
figures in margins,

Opinions divide,
so much the better.
Catastrophic failure,
edifice breaks.

Tension, compression,
stewards, guardians,
storage, retrieval,
we all fall down

Ring-a-ring a roses,
a pocketful of rye,
four and twenty hours,
baked in a pie.

Part V.

Frost ripened,
matured, bloom bruised,
vintage enhanced,
grain and vine.

Hungers needs never met,
scarcely drawing breath.

On chalk slopes in step,
small voices raised.