Compilation   編纂


Things to do, anecdotes, desires.

Somewhere else, faraway, calling.

Dancing pools of light cascading, rising, falling.


Rugged landscape imprecations, vivid colours, street corners.

Brush away hair strands, nerve ends jangled, journeys planned.

Cycles, seasons, sushi sunshine.


Shoulder to shoulder,

sans serif announcements echo.

Offer an allegiance, waves crash

on the median shore.


Familiar footsteps alert,

cloned gates and bridges extend.


Weeks of rehearsal,

stage directions managed.

Someone sneezes,

choreographed chorus respond.


Immediate, present birdsong,

wind blow'n trees,



Foreign surroundings, network hub.

Sealed frame convenience,

Glove puppet maters, alien rituals,

concrete concourse interiors.


Dust blown auditorium,

architraves coordinated.

Archived, augmented,

airbrushed, audited.


Municipal architecture.




©RJC 2013



Brief Note.

In compiled lists of things to do before you die, there often appears, anecdotally, a desire to be somewhere else, far away and a wish to be closer to nature.

It is tempting to draw the conclusion that there may be present, in the respondents responses, an expression of immediate dissatisfaction.

Bird song really only has meaning if it is present and immediate, as opposed to distant and recorded.

The globalised economocracy strikes home.

Maybe this is a love poem, after all.