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Night Ride Sun Rise


Robert J Coleman and Christine Maria Coleman



Night Rise Sun Rise - Title Page 

Text and Illustration Copyrights © 2013



All Rights Reserved



Night Rise Sun Rise - Alpine House 

page headings



Blink & You’ll Miss It


All that

The Professor

He pressed

Then he

The Spaceship

Higher and Higher

"Here, take the controls,"

And all the birds

They searched

back to base


Blink & You’ll Miss It





Night Rise Sun Rise - Spacecraft 

Night Rise Sun Rise - Chased 


Deep in the heart of the mountains, on a hillside

above a little village,

Professor Xeros complained.
He complained about the weather.
And then he complained about the children from the village, who would knock on his door.

Night Rise Sun Rise - Chased them 


And then he would chase them away.





Night Rise Sun Rise - Play 


All that Petra and her friends wanted to do was play.






Night Rise Sun Rise - The Professor 


The Professor banged and bumped and worked

night and day.


"Young whippersnappers,"

the Professor grumbled,
"Soon I will have my way!"

Night Rise Sun Rise - He pressed a red button 


He pressed a Red Button, 
to shoot a harpoon across the skies.


Night Rise Sun Rise - Down to his side 


Then he pulled, and pulled and pulled, 
the Sun down from the Sky
to his side.


Night Rise Sun Rise - Carrying his catch 

Night Rise Sun Rise - Home for toast and tea 


Carrying his catch, the Professor went home, 

for toast and tea.

Night Ride Sun Rise - long way from home 


A long way from home, the poor Sun sulked in a corner, 
feeling forlorn.    
The Professor settled down in his favourite armchair,
snug and warm.

Night Ride Sun Rise - without warning 


Suddenly, without warning, the Professor jumped up, knocking over the teapot and table.

(Professors are like that, I'm sure).

"Come on," he said, scooping up the fading Star into a sieve,

"I have a surprise in store!"

Night Ride Sun Rise - out to a spaceship 


He carried the Sun out to a Spaceship.


Night Ride Sun Rise - looking on 

Night Ride Sun Rise - launched 

The Spaceship was launched,
with the Sun and Professor on board.

Night Ride Sun Rise - what's that? 


"What's that?" they said

 down in the village.

 Night Ride Sun Rise - fun


The Professor chuckled,
"This is the best fun,"
he said to the Sun.

Night Ride Sun Rise - round the world 


Higher and Higher,

round the World they flew,
Spaceship, Sun, Professor 
and guess who? 

Night Ride Sun Rise - stowaways 


Petra, Biz, Fiz and Tiz - The Crew.
"Hello!" said Petra.
"Stowaways eh!" bumbled the startled Professor.

Night Ride Sun Rise - take the controls 


"Here, take the controls," he said to Petra,
"You can drive too!" 

Night Ride Sun Rise - crashed of course 


They crashed of course.
The Spaceship was ruined, the Sun nowhere to be seen.
Would they never get back to the Mountains?
Scrambling down from the wreckage, Petra, Fiz, Tiz 
and the Professor headed for a Cafe, 
the only shelter in sight.

Night Ride Sun Rise - called 


Biz though,
not so easily ruffled,
puffed up his feathers and called. 




Night Ride Sun Rise - answered cry 


And all the birds in the World answered his cry.






Night Ride Sun Rise - over the horizon 


They searched and searched for that Golden Orb
lost in the mists of time.
And after much tooing and froing,
through the clouds and over the oceans, 
they found that once firy ball,

sinking slowly over the horizon. 

Night Ride Sun Rise - joe's cafe 


At Joe's Cafe, Petra, Fiz, Tiz and the Professor
tucked into a mighty feast.

Not that they'd forgotten Biz and the Sun,
just, rather, they had more important things
on their minds.

Night Ride Sun Rise - birds whirlwind 


While all the birds of the World,
    led by an Eagle,
    flying together,
    round and round,
    raising a whirlwind,
   lifted the Sun,
    gently, back into place.

Night Ride Sun Rise - truck raced on 


And on the far side of the World,
in the Moonlight,
a truck raced on into the darkness,
carried the Professor and crew,

Night Ride Sun Rise - back to base 


back to base.




Night Ride Sun Rise - dawn 



Night Ride Sun Rise - dawn chorus



Night Ride Sun Rise - copyrights reserved  





Originated October 1989




Night Ride Sun Rise - end paper 


Proposed natural soundtrack.



 Workshop - Xeros hums val de ri val de ra.

Closing - Nelly Furtado - Powerless. 



And as they rise they pass away,

The Sun arises every day,

And hastening onward to the west

He nightly sinks, but not to rest

Anne Brontë (1820 – 1849)


Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas

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Night Ride Sun Rise


not that they'd forgotten Biz 


  Professor Xeros would have been a welcome guest at Los Alamos yes? 

 Qué piensas?


‛Your songs delight me, dearest birds;

I like the tunes, I like the words.’


Aristophanes – The Birds


First performed Athens Spring 441 BCE.