streets on leaving Peace - Tom Mostyn (3) listening quick putsch - nevins
Beechwood - early spring (3) footfalls autumn leaves (3) urban setting
skimming streets Illusions (3) sparkling setting yorkshire dales (3)

Manchester - surfaces and reflections.

Autumn - combination unlocked.

©cmc/rjc 2016


emotionally elegant young woman - Piccadilly Gardens


Peterloo, an awful affair for those that were there.
Military industrial energy complex underwritten.
Passions risen.
Illusions of assurance.
Films & public art commemorations.
Neither here nor there
Power Houses bully the best.
The ceremony of innocence is drowned.
At dusk rough beasts crawl.
Slouch towards the wall.                                        

rjc 2017

 Manchester reflections - Friedrich Engels - playing statues

Manchester reflections October - Friedrich Engels - playing statues - caught moving, he's out.


©rjc 2017