ecology masks in time

Ecology Masks in Time

strut and fret

Play with Words

 - Rehearsals in Progress -


National Film Board Censor Trailer - General Release


 1.    Account truth offset swap derivatives  - Rising and Falling -  HD/3D.


2.   Treasury Bulletin. Economic equivalence carrying corresponding Ecological significance.

 Rise and Fall - Viral.


3.    Mega Corp.  Forensic Account Report reveals hidden Ecological core -

      heat and dust drawn under strong economic gravity pull - Academy nominated.


 playing their part.


Target Audience - Futures.


PR, CSR and Ad Departments play supporting roles.

Extras required.

ecology masks in time


 From the inside hollowed out.

Facing one more gust of wind.

Fine, ornate, intricate screens, facades.

 Come to an end, falling.

Dust to dust,

to earth descend.


Atoms dancing.

Concrete, jerry cans,

miles of ducting.

Before we sleep.


Rewarding science,


Petrochemical reliance.


Under the radar pulse,


The first curlew,


©rjc 2015


Discussion links - States 'Hollowed' out and certain ecological/economic ideology/policy. 

Neoliberalism in Environmental Governance: A paradoxical double movement?   Rob Plastow University of Exeter

In Search of the Hollow Crown.  Michael Saward OU

Hollowing out the State in the Middle East.  John Bell

Troubled Regions and Failing States.  Kristian Berg Harpviken

Hollow States vs Failed States.  John Robb (author)

Illicit Networks and National Security in an Age of Globalization.  NDU Press