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ecological forum - poem - cyclical margins
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ecological forum - poem - delegates arrive
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Ecological Forum -poem - statement , intent

Ecological Forum -poem - two minutes to midnight

Ecological Forum

(opportunity cost)

The many and the few

- wayside branch - verge chapter - dawn -

(ticking boxes, two minutes to midnight, so precise,

fell from a cycle, grazed knee, sought advice)


Under stones, scaling hedgerows stirring,

waves lapping shorelines, stark.

Branches, bracken and trees,

grasses and breeze,

crawling, stalking free.


Decomposing, oscillating, respiring,

field edge rushes sway,

woods composing,

crevice, nook and cranny.


Alimentary chambers, pulsing rushing,

sentient, observing, absorbing, planning,

cyclical, margins.

Runaways, refugees, numbers compete,

delegates divided.


Fuss and bother,

kanga and roo,

delegates arrive, strive, attend.

Striking sparkling surfaces,


shadows echo.

Milled textures ground.


Distributed statements, intent.

River bed shallow,

Stones moving, larvae, pollen,

spewing, spawning,

agenda discarded.


Clouds over hillsides scud,

malignant cells, shape shifting,

tracing strata,



verge margin - chapter - dawn


©rjc 2015


blackbird on wall - warning call

Ecological Forum poem -artbook - pulsing , rushing

Ecological Forum poem -art book