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Observation, expression, playing the part - p1  Reflections - chance, factory floor lust p2 Wiping boots, clearing the dust. Shop doors opening, closing p3 Sums, theory and practice, scientific, quantified p4 Conveyor lines roll, lost in the detail - questions, answered p5
Fury restored, lessen the burden, lighten the load p6  Day to day concerns, routines linked to the process, busy transactions p7  Actions, mitigation, tapping the brakes, accelerator applied - comply p8  Out of the vehicle, throw away the keys, step to the ground, adjust - new technologies pace p9  Snake, oiled freeway, stretches over the skyline p10 
Follow my leader, look to the pack p11  Satellites rotate, disseminate p12  Forget them flickering black & white profiles p13  Corpses' frostbitten hands, moth eaten gloves, rib cage mountains exclaimed p14  Full blown advertisements - colour, pixelated - p15 
Fade resistant, pattern stained fashion, cracked pavement repairs p16  Weekend lotto numbers drawn, audience, calculated p17  Crowd surfing unison, unheard revelations, relationships healed p18  Publicity ratings, reviews, counting stars, thumbing text adventures explode p19  Weaknesses, disturbed pilot features unfurled p20 
Chart references, familiar events p21  Project to the future, past flying by p22  Social media analysis, networked tempest p23  Solace, comfort, assured - expected - addressed p24  Identity enhanced, connected - list checked p25 
Truths not in all them statistics - air that we breathe, seas, soil p26  slick, matrix fired-up dancehalls p27  Its in chords, rhythms, harmony, chorus - pulse, expectation p28  Drumbeats stirring, beating renewal to the Highlands, p29  Eine welt - viele ansichten p30 
We have the capability to alter course, reset the dials p31  build bridges, fill in the holes, reline wailing walls p32  Hopes & expectations - drawing a line p33  Minute to minute, pausing p34  Drawing breath, hemispheres connected p35 
Haul sails, anchors away p36  Salt spray flying, steel capstan binds, p37  Sword and belt buckle tightened, glowing night sky p38  Beyond image and hunter, the hinterland calls p39  Dreams remembered, expressed - natural selection - copyright rjc-cmc 2013

Scorpio 41

Dreams remembered - Observation, expression, playing the part

©rjc-cmc 2013