Music brand chart, greatest hits.

Playing catch up.

Ecology theatre engages.

Film production crew franchise.

Selected, distributed.


Audience participation canvassed,

incorporated, supplied.

Wildlife screenings conclude.


Lava trails stir,

melting the gloom, solidify.

Grid screen griddle exhaust vents rise.

Flow onto the streets, erupt, in darkness,

under sulphurous lights,

in still frozen night air, dissolving.


Pack ice sheet stress cracks, fracture,

 crash into the ocean, fatigued.


Credits roll, lines cast.

Hunter, prey, nets and lines.

Winch crank advances, reels in.

Arms entwined, captive.

Task roles designated.

Assured, assigned.


Roe hind halts in her tracks,

looks up sharply, staring back,



©rjc 2016