Art & Ecology
Soundings & Surroundings

Space debris.
Rapid, random motion.

exchanging dances
Tipping Point - red tapechatter, antiphony, barely discernedwhat is success

fashion house waifs

Every fibre of the Natural World tenses under the stress for economic growth.

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for a while At its nucleus lies the core threat of extinction. 
The pathogen, Capital, thrives in conformity.

Antibodies forming.

estuary figures - pen ink and charcoal - on pumice primed card - 48 x 24cm
Ecology Masks in Time

Wonderous, teeming life on earth evolved.
Our hands reveal the past.

The Mark of Men.
'I petted it, then it broke'.

current flowing
 Alice meets the Red Queen, in Wonderland, musing pristine ocean no more - marine world pounding


  psyche - women's chorus the bunker was deserted the animals found 


           Conversations with Pooh and Piglet - Before Flying

 handmade artbooks
Art Book Extracts
In the need to escape
from who we are,
we are destroying
what we
have become
    clouds above scudding - birds 'n fishes - poem - world ecological forum
                          birds 'n fishes   
art futures
A place unknown

For Whom the Whistle Blows

facades easy virtue - illustration - emblematic statuary inflamed
facades easy virtue

Advertising - taxing ecology

Caught on line.
Then, the social hierarchy
turned round.
Before they drowned.
The highest concentration
of micro plastics
never found.

On a mission, delivering
containers to the contained

Joint Stock, limiting company.
Our circle, our spoils.
Cock crows.
HR prepares sacrifice.
CSR crosses road.
PR issue denial.
Cock crows twice.
Field Lilies, herbicide sprayed.
Sparrow dies.
One more pest aside.
Call in air strikes.
Difficult breathing.
Ashen faces.
Profit warning.
Feet of clay.

all at sea - taking bearings
   breakwater swell                   
Its beer as we know it.
Hops dispense the need
for scientists.

Harmony discordant.
ecological forum - many and the few - pumpkin seeds, ink and watercolour
Ecological Forum - wayside branch

Obesity. So much borrowing
liquidity pumped into red faced Banks, soon to burst like so many rivers around the world. T&Cs, rules views apply.

Debt wound cycles.
Casting spells.
Broken by a X.
Degree Masters in Plasticity
sponsored vast Pacific Gyre:
'World Heritage Art Installation.'
Fresh click bait headlines captured. Fossilised Fourth Estate nets' dragged.
Gutted and stacked.

Gulf. Free Trade Manchester - walking pace - Gulf Stream slowing 

Banking Nature

Dominion eluded.
Anthropocene strata will tell.

Daffodils, dry stone wall, winter recedes.

binary notions

daffodils, dry stone wall, winter recedes 

citizen cells' encountered
figure - tumbling and falling - artwork

Circled in a classic pincer movement, consoled by utility,
International Brigade giants:
Art, Science, Industry,
Commerce and Capital,
as one, advance upon themselves.
Seismic trace monitors
interpret a rising scream.
Ending in a whimper,
the edifice topples to the ground.
Chord cuts to silence.
A regular pulse sounds.

Now, where are those

figures meeting - artwork

figures over and under motorway carriageway- artwork

Power relationships are the tragic deception that lie at the heart of all Art Exhibition shows..

Soil Care.

Festival dreams in
streams drawn,
Swooping low on lakes and rivers, to farmhouse eaves, gathering swallows nest

Concrete jungles: the decaying end trails of forest paths and walkways.

Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, CR and Alice on topical Special Relationships - Illustration.

wing beat

Midas touch
transmutes molten crucible ice caps to cryptocurrency gold.
Sperm bank quality value codes declining.

100% clean energy Iceland to Scotland - Disrupting Capital advises -

Ucsusa- EIHP Ucsusa- EIGP

Beware of those offering solutions into which you may be dissolved.

Sustainable challenge.

New neighbours in our neck of the woods

Creative Commons Licence

Robert J & Christime Maria Coleman 2018
close to the earth
a young girl

sings a lullaby
her own
refrain dies
bird song rises
woodland nearby

Coleridge's Rime - from poem descending
nor any drop
to drink

unsustainable concrete abstraction - westquay esplanade
unsustainable concrete abstraction
desertification northern english farmyard style
and out in the country


truth to tell
Tangled web.
Queen of Hearts, Judy,

bakes tarts heading for the fayre.
King Punch steals those tarts.
Judy scolds, Punch disagrees.
Clapperboards will not rest.
Dog takes sausages.
Crocodile takes what's left.
Sly thief steals jewels & crowns.
Judy lies crumpled.
Punch drops down dead.
Crocodile smiles.
Puppet theatre curtain closes.
Gull lands on roof.
Spray flies in from the sea.

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Lancaster Streets
afternoon and evening

Manchester - surfaces and reflection

Gods and monsters.

Vast wealth is
an obsessive delusion
practiced by the possessed.

alone at sea

creative geographies 

ecology economy deficit

Mosaic pieces placed.
Ascending to a new world,
while systematically degrading the old one.
Fantasy dissembled.

Preparing September Supper