Art & Ecology
 Liberal Art Perspectives

Nocturnal fashion house waifs display wares,
in conspicuous despair.

Attracted to light,
wings beat loud
to the sound of flight.

Sealing wax melts
in the night.

Petrified Merchants
are shown no mercy
or quarter.

Fossil records
reveal the slaughter.

what is success

chatter, antiphony, barely discerned

Better poor, truthful and ignored than rich, loved and lying.

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We all live in the same room.
truth to tell  Guilty on the grounds of enhanced responsibility.

We live in a post-truth world,
that's the way advertising industries portray it -
how we would prefer things to be.
Sex sells. Death defies expectations.
Preference data analysis, revenue stream reliance.
Nightmares and Indulgences.

                                                 Ecology Masks in Time
                                                 estuary figures - pen ink and charcoal - on pumice primed card - 48 x 24cm

Wonderous, teeming life on earth evolved.
Relatively benign conditions inherited.
Today we offer underground car parks, motorway intersections, tower blocks, warehouses, faceless, incessant airport terminals. Infrastructure as progress.
What life will evolve among these darkly built legacies recorded?
Single celled animals, slugs, mites maybe.
Attributable to those who wish to mould the earth to their own ends. All for a little more.
Profit before conscience.
Where wiped clean cognitive dissonance slates
are placed on rising property roofs.
Sedimentary legacies to
ever changing times.

Our hands reveal the past.

A sterile rump inherits the earth,
from the poor richly bequeathed.
Asset stripped, amortised, raped, debased and depleted.
Displaying all the beauty of a terminally advanced STD.

Alice meets the Red Queen, in Wonderland, musing
     The Red Queen

pristine ocean no more - marine world pounding

 Pristine ocean no more

psyche - women's chorus
psyche following behind

Conversations with Pooh and Piglet - Before Flying
Flying Thought

The bunker was deserted, the animals found.

The bunker was deserted,
the animals found.
 handmade artbooks
Art Book Extract poem 'Descending'
Cult following.

Perpetual economic growth belief systems  accelerate capital scorched earth policies in acts of ritual purification.

Tenured labour, robotic accelerants.

clouds above scudding - birds 'n fishes - poem - world ecological forum
               birds 'n fishes   

art futures
skin thin atmosphere
 skin thin atmosphere

School Character - Illustration. Traditional academic ethos Classic School Year vignettes - English watercolour rendered

 School Character Illustration

Bowland Revealed - School Art workshop - looking back looking forward collage (4)
School Art workshop

Those who keep wild animals in cages are captives within the confines of their own restricted minds.
Relationship Referenda
'You always kill the things you love.' The Brexiteers.

The Walls one physical manifestation of mental insecurity.

Nurture and Nature. Evolving.
March, hints of autumn in the air,
leaves turning. Groups of young Pukeko flying, blue. Little Spotted Kiwi on islands few. Kokako, not so many, haunting song. Southern Ocean Albatross glides along.  Kuakas mew across the Sound. Moas a distant memory remain. Ice sheets strain.

Cop Out.
Groups of people occupy motorway carriageways.
Banners waving, courageous. Celebrate, marching.
Jubilant, turn highways into bye-ways for a day.
Truck driver on the entry slip road, angry, missing the best part of life, 'but I need to make a living, to survive.'
Accelerates, scattering crowds.
So, some are no longer around.
Trucker serves time, solitary confinement, isolated.
Soon be out, for good behavior released.
On a mission, delivering containers to the contained.
Thorny issues, broken landscapes, troubled minds.

Innocence & Experience.
Castle grounds backdrop.
Robber Barons and The Rubber Band manoeuvre.
Fine tune financial and musical instruments', casting spells.
Apparitions projected.
King's ghostly presence across the stage gliding.
A rhythmic beat.
Enchanters mesmerise, charm.
Snare and kettle drums in unison pound.

dreams in streams drawn
  'dreams in streams drawn'
navigation by bars
navigation by bars
Why tolerate, accept and endorse behaviour in a national leader that would be condemned in a School Head Teacher, or their pupil charges, or in civil society?

Raw materials to be exploited in a broken dream.

If there is no cause for civility, there is no need for restraint, if there is no need for restraint nature won't hold back, will respond in kind and in time.
Ecological Forum -wayside branchecological forum - many and the few - pumpkin seeds, ink and watercolour

Obesity. So much borrowing liquidity pumped into red faced Banks, soon to burst like so many rivers around the world. T&Cs, rules and views apply.

Present incumbent. Disruption policy and entertainment.
Like download buffering. A long time coming.
Passing by.

Pequod's Captain,
lashed to the White Whale;
arm waving, 'Follow me, follow me!'
down to the depths.

Leviathan hunter killers patrol in packs.

Banking Nature

Dominion eluded.
                   Anthropocene strata will tell.

Venez à Bordeaux
How wine used to be made.
Before we cooked the trade.
lunar eclipse - 270915 eclipsed

flimsy craft artworld passengers gulp
                   flimsy craft art-world passengers gulp
(approaching a plate boundary fault line)

figure - tumbling and falling - artwork


Jack hacks.
Web Giant's search returns
- denial.
Vegans enjoy the beanstalk.

Now, where are those glasses?

figures meeting - artwork

figures over and under motorway carriageway- artwork

Choose exploitation or anonymity.
Your order has been dispatched.
Deployed and destroyed.
Very remote control.

Dacha Appeal.
Dominant cultural public icons dominate by means of economic, political and social forces,
riven with corruption..
A spoonful of Tate sponsored sugar helps the medicine go down..
Bob Marley
plantation song chain reactions.

Swooping low on lakes and rivers, to farmhouse eaves, gathering swallows nest.
Festival dreams in streams drawn, stumbling across fields and shaded trees, to crucked roof tithe barn rehearsals.
Drums improvise, a driving beat recalled.
Swooping low on lakes and rivers, to farmhouse eaves, gathering swallows nest

Traditional garb, toasted politely, welcomed, imbibed.
Expectation rises, endorsements, glances exchanged. Notice released, pastoral performance.
Scripted, choreographed, recorded. Frenzied terminal phase, in destruction and grief relayed. Cascading showers, branches sway, discarded burdens, leaves torn, flooded trenches spill.
Damage assessed, assigned. Fantasy explodes, expires.
Flags of allegiance lowered. Dispersal.
The parody moves on, with a raised finger and an obliging wave of the hand.

  Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, CR and Alice on topical Special Relationships - Illustration.
special relationship
       slide sequence - wing beat

Tracing Roots.
Dormant, stir, grow.
Rolled and trimmed.
Rounded up, shriveled.
Scorched, parched, desiccated.
Waterlogged, jaundiced.
Pulled up, wayside strimmed.
Provides beer, bread and pies.
Paths trodden. Men and flies.
Oats served and sown.
Foraged, plaited, stooped. Thrashed.
Stored, bailed, boiled and scythed.
Regimented heads swaying.
From the air spraying.
Transported, wrapped. Incarcerated.
To the landscape moulded.
Terrace flooded, drained and dried.
Fields of amber grain divide.
Creased linen, ironed, starched.
Mats, seats, hats, baskets, blinds.
Garden swathes, blades cut.
Clods, earth mounds, flowers.
Hay, straw, dew and floods.
Extremes respond in kind.
Always greener.
On the other side.

100% clean energy Iceland to Scotland - Disrupting Capital advises -
Ucsusa- EIHP Ucsusa- EIGP

Piped aboard.

Beware of those offeringsolutions, into which you may be dissolved.

Kim and Don release a version of Black Sabbath's Paranoid on the Mega Death label.
Streamed direct to your devices. No fake news, just deep irony, ay Mark.

May. Out in the cold. 

'Doctor, I think I have lung cancer from pollution.'
'No, you have treatments worth more than prevention syndrome.'
Hippocratic Staff serpent hissed
(pharma clause suit calls).
No Sin No Fee. Law decree.

Creative Commons Licence
Robert J & Christine Maria Coleman 2017
close to the earth
a young girl
sings a lullaby
her own
refrain dies
bird song rises
woodland nearby
Coleridge's Rime - from poem descending
nor any drop
to drink

Sequestrated weapons returned to earth.

Metals, organic matter, fuel restored.
Distilled imagination released.
Tar, coal and oil to shells recycled,
to autumn composts reversed.
Circuits, grid patterns in mycelium clusters decline.
Plastic organics remain imbedded, volatile.
Screen mists in waterfall cascades eroding.
Wings in migration beating as one.
Whales and dolphin pods answer the call.
Coral colony fronds respond in kind.
Slates and chalks recorded.

Rift valley footprints traced.
Bridged a divide.
Conversations ebb to silence.
Seen in their eyes. 

Rhythm  - slide sequence

                    commodities and geographies (national boundaries erosion, dissolve into the sands)
commodities and geographies
                   (national boundaries erosion, dissolve into sands)

solo silo open
solo silo open
Tangled web.
Queen of Hearts, Judy,

bakes tarts
heading for the fayre.
King Punch steals those tarts.
Judy scolds, Punch disagrees.
Clapperboards will not rest.
Dog takes sausages.
Crocodile takes what's left.
Sly thief steals jewels & crowns.
Judy lies crumpled.
Punch drops down dead.
Crocodile smiles.
Puppet theatre curtain closes.
Gull lands on roof.
Spray flies in from the sea.

against the flow of machine city minds

Lancaster Streets
Saturday Afternoon.

Manchester - surfaces and reflection

Taking bearings.
Finding no direction.
Peaceful non co-operation.
Passive resistance.
Banking on borrowed time.

creative geographies room for views & myths.

Teaching devices.
Soothing voices.
Rabid rump convention.
Lions and wolves.
The few sharpen their laws.
Viral conformity.
Wildlife indulgency causes.
HD obscurity.
Individual elimination.
Stories, ideas.
Shared experience.

Acoustic - unplugged.


There is a world of difference between questioning illusions and maintaining the delusory.

We all have to fight for what we have, for what we own.
That causes tensions.
Poor families share,
rich ones hoard.

Moral high ground drowns beneath rising tide waves of dissent.
Internet drag ghost nets drift through cyber oceans, suffocating life.
Coral lies bleached on tourists' bucket list floors.